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External Building Cleaning

Keep your external building clean

Keeping a building looking clean is a major task. This task becomes more difficult particularly as the UAE continues to develop through new construction which inevitably increases pollution and smog increases.

External cladding cleaning not only enhances the buildings physical appearance but increases its lifespan, helping to reduce ongoing costs for you and your business. Exterior cladding panels although often anodised, painted or plastic coated must undergo routine cladding cleaning and maintenance to help prevent deterioration and corrosion.

Using a variety of techniques Smashing! are experienced in a full range of external cladding cleaning services including both horizontal and vertical cladding, facades, fascias and external fabric.

Our technicians are certified by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) for BMU and Cherry picker work, and trained in the safe use of high pressure equipment and degreasing chemicals.

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