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Water Tank Repair

Do you need repairs in your water tank?

Over time, the inside surface of concrete water tanks become porous. This is due to the chemical composition of the incoming water. The stored water takes lime from the cement to reach a neutral pH level of water.

Because Lime is the critical bonding agent in cement, so once it disappears the inside of the tank becomes rough, sandy and porous.

Having lost that critical seal, moisture seeps into the steel skeleton. Once steel comes into contact with water, it oxidises and creates rust. Rusting steel expands causing cracks.

o prevent this from happening and to extend the life of your tank, we resurface the inside of tanks to provide a waterproof barrier.

We have the experience, knowledge and skills to restore seal and inject into cracks, seeps and holes that cause water leakage and loss. We then reline the tank once the sealing has been completed.

To ensure a leaking tank is repaired properly, the remedial work is performed from inside the tank, thereby protecting the steel skeleton from further water damage.

If emergency water supply is needed throughout the duration of the repair we can supply and plumb in a temporary water supply, however this will be at an extra charge.

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