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Post Construction Cleaning

Are you looking for a Post Construction Cleaning Company?

It is inevitable that at the end of every construction build there is an enormous task of cleaning before a client or resident can take possession, and there is a big difference from looking clean to actually being clean!

With our wealth of specialist cleaning experience, professional tools and equipment and Municipal certifications, we are able to clean your building inside out, top to bottom: from the deepest dirtiest corners of your air conditioning duct system, to the underground water tanks, and from the parapet roof to the basement car park slab.

Smashing! have experience in executing post construction cleaning projects in Palaces, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Major Tourist Attractions, Shopping Centers, Office Buildings as well as individual apartments and villas.

Smashing! approach all post construction and deep cleaning projects in the same methodical approach.

  1. Preparation of Project Documentation (Method Statements/ Risk Assessments/  Equipment Lists/ Work Plans)

  2. Project Safety Documentation (Safety Induction Documentation)

  3. Execution of works to contractual obligations

  4. Documented Completion of Works and Issue Cleaning Reports

Smashing! are the only British managed cleaning company in the UAE that deploy European site management to ensure that all post construction cleaning projects are executed swiftly and in line with the agreed contractual service deliverables.

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