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Laundry Duct Cleaning

Do you need cleaning in your Laundry Duct?

Most hotels and all commercial laundries have internal laundry duct extraction systems within their premises.

These extractions systems are designed to remove the hot, moisture-laden air from dryers and exhaust it outdoors on the roof or via an outside wall. This hot air is filled with lint particles that, over time, deposit inside the duct, especially within the bends and elbows of the duct. Lint can stack up until it is inches thick.

If this is left ignored then you will have an explosive combination of flammable material in an enclosed space and oxygen easily permeates to it. Build up of lint can also lead to blockages within the extraction system, putting a load on the extraction fan which could lead to blown motors and increased energy consumption.

Smashing! specialize in the inspection, access and removal of lint from the extraction system, leaving you with a clean duct and a service report detailing the project. This will include before, during and after cleaning pictures.

We recommend that cleaning be undertaken every 6 months to avoid excessive lint build up. As every premises will have differing levels of laundry cleaning volume here are some key indicators that you may be due for cleaning:

  1. Dryer units automatically turning off because the heat is not exhausting.

  2. Clothes taking too long to dry.

  3. Rusting of the ducts from holding wet lint for long periods.

  4. Higher concentrations of lint in the indoor air.

  5. Fire dampers in the ducts may malfunction.

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