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Kitchen Duct Cleaning Dubai

Kitchen Duct Cleaning Dubai

The build up of grease within extraction systems is the biggest fire risk hazard within a commercial kitchen. As airborne grease cools through the Kitchen Duct system it congeals and deposits along the ducting. This build up of grease pose’s a major fire hazard as it is extremely flammable and should be removed by a certified professional and kitchen duct cleaning dubai is one of Smashing’s field of expertise..

The effects of grease build up within a kitchens extraction system will also affect the performance of the system and will limit the amount of air that it can extract. This grease filled air, will then circulate within the kitchen, creating an unsafe, poorly ventilated kitchen with poor indoor air quality.

With 10 years of experience within the Kitchen duct cleaning dubai sector, Smashing! are a one- stop solution for the complete degreasing and cleaning of all types of kitchen extraction systems, blower and ecological units. We will take every client through a process of Inspection to determine the extent of grease contamination, possible duct leakage points and other fire hazards; cleaning of the extraction system to the standards of NFPA 96 and post project reporting detailing the areas that were cleaned, with before and after photographs. All clients are then presented with a certificate stating the cleaning date, the team who cleaned the system and the next cleaning date, all as per NFPA 96 standards. Smashing! are the only European managed, NFPA registered company that hold domestic approval for Kitchen duct cleaning in dubai from Emirates Health Services (EHS) and Takhrees.

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