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Glass Scratch Removal

Professional Glass Restoration

Glass damage repair is skilled work. The final result depends on the expertise and craftsmanship of the technician to deliver a consistently high quality result and can save time, money and inconvenience.

Our skilled glass restoration technicians will bring your windows back to their original shine and transparency; remove deep scratches, mineral deposits, construction debris, cement and concrete splatter, etched graffiti, paint and even acid damage, without disrupting your normal daily activities.

The following are considered to be the most common causes of glass surface damage

  • Scratches Can be caused by hard or sharp objects either accidentally or maliciously applied
  • Graffiti May be etched into the surface or applied using paint or indelible ink which if removed incorrectly could damage the glass surface
  • Air Pollution  Organic or inorganic materials or a combination of the two which may have an abrasive effect on the glass surface causing a drop in visual quality
  • Contamination  This could be as a result of building run off or sealant leakage which may have an effect on the glass surface

    The process of glass repair involves the abrasive removal of a small amount of the glass surface so as to restore the glass, without impairing the visual quality.In exceptional circumstances an unacceptable level of distortion may only become evident during or after treatment. In these instances replacement would generally be advised.

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