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Beach Cleaning

The best beach cleaning company in the UAE

Beaches within the UAE are key tourist hot spots generating millions of dirhams for surrounding businesses.

As the beaches become more popular, so does the amount of trash and litter left by beach visitors. Without proper management trash accumulates and ultimately destroys the beauty of the UAE’s beaches.

Litter such as broken glass, aluminium cans or ring pulls created by beachgoers can cause injury. However the side effects of beach litter are not just only on humans.

  • Ingestion of marine debris can cause damage to the digestive system of marine life, causing malnutrition or even starvation
  • Suffocation can occur from plastic bags or plastic six pack holders, blocking passageways or normal growth
  • Entanglement can occur when common items like fishing line, strapping bands and six-pack rings hamper the mobility of marine animals. Once entangled, animals have trouble eating, breathing or swimming, all of which can have fatal results

Smashing! Cleaning specializes in the removal of litter, and cleaning the top surface of sand in the beaches of Hotels, Resorts and Palaces in the UAE. From cleaning to flattening, we offer many services to meet the specific needs of our clients and the environment.

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