(in photo Leny Day, Managing Partner
Smashing! Cleaning Services )

Regus Business Leader of the Year
Leny Day

(in photo Xenia Benson, Division Head for Falcon
water free urinals )

Sustainable Initiative of the Year
Falcon Water Free Urinals

(in photo Dennis Tan, Marketing Specialist
Smashing! Cleaning Services )

MasterCard Small Business of the Year
Smashing! Cleaning Services

Smashing! Cleaning Services cleans up again with 3 major industry awards:

Gulf Capital SMEinfo Awards 2013

Dubai, 6 November 2013: In its 2nd year, MEED Events with the awards headline sponsor, Gulf Capital and category sponsors; MasterCard, RSA Insurance, Regus, Grant Thornton and DHL, have provided a platform for SME’s to raise their profile, brands, products and services, and recognises the TOP SME’s in the UAE for their success, growth and innovation through their annual Gulf Capital SMEinfo Awards.

After a rigorous 7-month search, evaluating hundreds of SME’s, with a recorded combined total of AED 850 Million in turnover last year, representing a 150% average growth rate in the last two years, Smashing! Cleaning Services emerged as the MasterCard Small Business of the Year and winning not just one, or two but three Major Awards; the only company to receive multiple awards for this year’s event.

1. Regus Business Leader of the Year – Leny Day “Winning awards and accreditation is a key part or our strategy; given the heavy emphasis we place on customer service. It is imperative for our clients to see how well the company is progressing, and to feel confident in high levels of service we offer. We’re keen to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in what has historically been a poorly serviced sector.” says Leny Day, Managing Partner of Smashing! Cleaning Services.

2. Sustainable Initiative of the Year for Falcon Water Free Urinals “We are very happy with this recognition, our efforts to bring the Falcon Water Free urinals product to the UAE and its huge contribution in saving water has once again been appreciated. With more and more people creating initiatives to help our environment, and be recognised as the top sustainable initiative, gives us more inspiration to bring this product to your office, hotels, malls, hospital and yes even to your home…” commented Xenia Benson, Division Head of Falcon water free urinal for Smashing! Cleaning Services.

3. MasterCard Small Business of the Year “At Smashing! we set new standards in the cleaning and maintenance sector. The quality of our staff and our dedication to delivering a high level of customer service sets us apart in an area no traditionally renowned for these traits. At Smashing, we are focused on building a brand which again is relatively unusual in its sector and further instills the vital ingredient for success, namely TRUST” says Thomas, Bizley, General Manager at Smashing! Cleaning Services.

Leny Day, Managing Partner of Smashing! Cleaning Services also commented on the occasion: “Winning the MasterCard Small Business of the Year award has been the highlight of our year at Smashing Cleaning Services. We are so proud of our team and what we have achieved in such a short time. This award highlights that hard work and dedication does pay off, and we clearly appreciate the recognition and support extended to us. The awards are a great outlet for SME’s to showcase the success of their business ventures.

The management and staff of Smashing! do of course extend full appreciation to the organisers of the Programme, MEED Events and sponsors, Gulf Capital, MasterCard, RSA, Regus, Grant Thornton and DHL for enabling this event and awarding us the Regus Business Leader of the Year, Sustainable Initiative of the Year and the MasterCard Small Business of the Year.

The awards ceremony was held on November 6, 2013 at the Joharah Ballroom of the Madinat Jumeriah. Smashing! Cleaning Services have shown impressive growth, sustainable business practices and prove again that Smashing! Cleaning Services is the best specialised cleaning service company in the UAE and will continue to find ways and innovations to maintain its excellent customer service.