Smashing! cleans up at the FM Awards!

Well, whilst we didn’t actually “clean up”, we received 2 fantastic achievement awards for “Cleaning Company of the Year 2015” and “FM Executive of the Year 2015”.
These 2 awards are probably the 2 most important and recognised Industry selected awards. for our type of business, in this highly competitive sector.

We entered the FM Awards in 2009 and 2010, and our TWO “Cleaning Company of the Year” Awards are so proudly displayed in our office entrance. The following years passed so quickly, and we were so focussed on work, that we simply missed 4 events! This year, with much thanks, to some inspirational encouragement from colleagues (you know who you are!), we found ourselves seated at last night’s prestigious FM Awards ceremony, with 10 members of our office team, all fingers (and some legs) crossed in anticipation.

The shortlisted nominees are all so established and reputable, that we were most surprised, and flattered, to be first shortlisted, and then selected as winners, in those specific categories. Afterwards, many of the nominees and approached us, and so kindly mentioned how we truly deserved the awards, as an SME that has evolved from a very small “S “to a reasonably large “M” without any Corporate governance or support (.....maybe that’s our secret ;-) )

Both Leny and I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the cooperation of our customers, our friends, and of course our entire Smashing! team, that put our Company in the position that we may be nominated, and then win, these 2 prestigious industry awards. Truly Smashing! Thank you.

James Day
Managing Director
FM Awards: Executive of the Year 2015
(Don’t worry, I won’t keep writing that!)

Smashing! Cleaning Services
FM Awards: Cleaning Company of the Year 2015