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Approvals and Certifications

Data Center Cleaning

Data Centres are designed to host the sensitive IT equipment which form the backbone of an organization’s infrastructure. As a result, any downtime has the potential to cause major disruptions to a company’s systems and operations, not to mention the potential for lost revenue. 

It is therefore vital to maximize availability, minimize downtime and avoid the risk of invalidating hardware warranties – making data centre cleaning a priority for any conscientious data storage provider. 

Contamination within data centers builds up from internal sources such as poor post construction and building maintenance practices and external sources such as sandstorms which are common in the UAE region. Left unchecked, contamination can cause a build-up of heat and lead to potential equipment failure. In addition, power requirements will increase as HVAC and CCU equipment work overtime to regulate atmospheric temperature within the facility.

Smashing! take an extensive approach to data centre cleaning services, which includes cleaning of the subfloor and ceiling voids, floor surfaces, internal and external equipment rack surfaces, and HVAC and CCU systems components. We have carried out a number of high profile Data Center cleaning in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of UAE for both public and private sectors.

We are certified by both NADCA and the IAQA as Indoor Air Quality Specialists and test in line with ISO 14644-1 specifications
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Applicable Standards
      • HVAC Standards
      • Dubai Food Code
      • 2013 NADCA Standard   
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